Suitable products

All the suitable products in the database are indicated below.

EAN Brand Model Type Terrestrial Satellite Cable
6971529342251 BOLVA LED-22DC TV YES YES YES
6971529342558 BOLVA LED-2466D TV YES YES YES
6971529343456 BOLVA LED-3266F TV YES YES YES
6971529343135 BOLVA S-3288A TV YES YES YES
6971529345139 BOLVA S-5088A TV YES YES YES
6971529343357 BOLVA BL-3266 TV YES NO YES
6971529343142 BOLVA BL-3266W TV YES NO YES
6971529343852 BOLVA BL-3966 TV YES NO YES
6971529347591 BOLVA NX-7586 TV YES NO YES
6971529346594 BOLVA NX-6586 TV YES NO YES
6971529343739 BOLVA S-3988A TV YES YES YES
6971529346532 BOLVA S-6588A TV YES YES YES
6971529344064 BOLVA LED-4066C TV YES YES YES
6971529344026 BOLVA BL-4066 TV YES NO YES

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