Suitable products

All the suitable products in the database are indicated below.

EAN Brand Model Type Terrestrial Satellite Cable
8051511391530 TELE System SMART40 SC10 TV YES YES YES
8051511391639 TELE System SOUND32 LED10 TV YES YES YES
8051511391615 TELE System SONIC55 SMART4K TV YES YES YES
8051511391608 TELE System PALCO40 SC10 TV YES YES YES
8051511391547 TELE System TS9018 Decoder NO YES NO
8051511391554 FUBA ODE718 Decoder NO YES NO
8051511391196 TELE System TS6807 STEALTH Decoder YES NO NO
8051511391455 TELE System TS6815 T2HEVC Decoder YES NO NO
8051511391622 TELE System FACILE STEALTH/01 Decoder YES NO NO
8051511391660 TELE System FACILE T2HEVC/01 Decoder YES NO NO
8051511391738 TELE System TS32 SMX10 TV YES YES YES
8051511391790 TELE System SONIC43 SM4K LED10 TV YES YES YES
8051511391684 TELE System TS UP 4K COMBO Decoder YES YES NO
8051511391691 TELE System TS UP T2HD Decoder YES NO NO
8051511391837 TELE System SOUND32 SMART10 TV YES YES YES

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