Suitable products

All the suitable products in the database are indicated below.

EAN Brand Model Type Terrestrial Satellite Cable
8809095669862 HUMAX HD-2020T2 - Digimax LT Decoder YES NO NO
8809095669886 HUMAX HD-2022T2 - Digimax T2 Decoder YES NO NO
8056746663247 Nordmende ND55KS4400M TV YES NO NO
8032622982961 Digiquest EASY SCART VOICE MEDIA PLAYER Decoder YES NO NO
8032622983517 Digiquest DIGIQUEST G23 MEDIA PLAYER Decoder YES NO NO
8032622982954 Digiquest SH-5 MEDIA PLAYER Decoder YES NO NO
8032622982978 Digiquest SH-4 MEDIA PLAYER Decoder YES NO NO
8011000027012 Trevi LTV 3206 SA2 TV YES YES NO
5025232916818 Panasonic TX-32JS350E TV YES YES YES
5025232916825 Panasonic TX-24JS350E TV YES YES YES
8056746663322 Akai AKTV4337M TV YES NO NO
8056746663315 Nordmende ND43KS4400M TV YES NO NO
8718863023709 Philips 43PFS5525/12 TV YES YES YES
8718863022580 Philips 70PUS6724/12 TV YES YES YES
8718863019214 Philips 65OLED804/12 TV YES YES YES

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