Suitable products

All the suitable products in the database are indicated below.

EAN Brand Model Type Terrestrial Satellite Cable
8056518870880 OPENTEL UHD 4000 TVS Decoder NO YES NO
8809095667684 Humax HD-6400S - Tivumax Easy Decoder NO YES NO
8809095667745 Humax HD-6800S - Tivumax Pro Decoder NO YES NO
8809095667738 Humax HD-6600S - Tivumax HD Decoder NO YES NO
8809095666526 Humax HDR-1001S - Tivumax Recorder Decoder NO YES NO
8011000019383 Trevi HE 3375 TS Decoder YES NO NO
8011000025223 Trevi HE 3368 T2 Decoder YES NO NO
8011000023465 Trevi HE 3365 T2 Decoder YES NO NO
3420744416689 METRONIC TIVUSAT - ANDROMEDA 3.1 Decoder NO YES NO
8011000021836 Trevi UHD 5002 SMART TV YES YES NO
8011000025568 Trevi UHD 5003 SMART TV YES YES NO
8032539193559 DIPROGRESS DPT201HD Decoder YES NO NO
8011000023670 Trevi LTV 4008 SMART TV YES YES NO
8032539193573 DIPROGRESS DPT220HD Decoder YES NO NO
8032539194921 DIPROGRESS DPT203HD Decoder YES NO NO

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